6 Must-See Documentaries About Remarkable Latter-day Saints

by | Aug. 25, 2018

Mormon Life

Looking for something to watch this weekend? Check out these six documentaries about Latter-day Saints trying to let their light so shine. From a rock star convert to a presidential candidate, you’ll love these fascinating documentaries.


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With unprecedented access, this documentary tracks Romney from his first effort to win the Republican nomination in 2006 up through the 2012 elections. It reveals the "man behind the sound bites" in an authentic view the public rarely glimpsed during the media frenzy of a national campaign. See how one Latter-day Saint family pulled together to support one another during years of an emotional rollercoaster.

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Operation Toussaint

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Infiltrating the dangerous world of human trafficking, Timothy Ballard—LDS founder of Operation Underground Railroad—has become a beacon for change and a hero to hundreds of rescued children from around the world. He spent over a decade rescuing children from child sex tourism both domestically and overseas as a CIA agent. Though his job was difficult, he was proud that his country was one of very few in the world actually doing anything about the child sex trafficking problem. However, finally tiring of being mired in red tape and bureaucracy, Ballard left to begin saving the children that he saw falling out of the purview of the US government. See one LDS man’s perspective on what it means to be a modern abolitionist.

Read more about his story or watch online here.

Meet the Mormons

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Meet the Mormons is a feature-length documentary that examines the very diverse lives of six devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Filmed on location and across the globe, Meet the Mormons takes viewers on a journey into the day-to-day realities of individuals living in the US, Costa Rica, Nepal and beyond. If you haven’t seen this film yet, you’re missing out. We love how touching and down-to-earth it is. And it’s also a great way to introduce your nonmember friends to Latter-day Saints! Find it at Deseret Book stores and deseretbook.com or watch it on Netflix!

New York Doll

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This fabulous documentary tells the story of a lesser-known glam-rock-punk band called the New York Dolls. One of their rockers, Arthur “Killer” Kane, found himself at rock bottom after the band dissolved. But he eventually found a way up after embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was baptized and found a new home among the Latter-day Saints of New York. Find out the astounding story of this rock star’s transformation from rock bottom to rock solid in this riveting documentary. 

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Us and Them

Image titleAngered by the barrage of attacks on his faith and desperate for answers, Bryan Hall, a devout Latter-day Saint, travels into the heart of the Bible Belt to discover for himself what it means to be a "Christian." The world he discovers is more terrifying and heartwarming than he ever could have imagined. Soon an unlikely friendship develops, and Hall finds that “loving thine enemy” is easier than he thought. We love this great film full of new perspectives and provoking realizations. Find it in Deseret Book stores and on deseretbook.com.

Boys of Bonneville

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This gripping documentary tells the true story of an unsung hero and self-made man, David Abbott Jenkins. This LDS man, with almost super-human stamina and boyish charm, set out to single-handedly break every existing land speed record on his beloved Bonneville Salt Flats. More than a century later, many of “Ab’s” records remain unbroken, and his legacy lives on in his custom car. We loved this story of one man's drive to push the boundaries of speed. Find it at Deseret Book stores and deseretbook.com. 

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