6 Ways to Rethink Member Missionary Work

Whether you are a returned missionary or not, as an LDS you are a missionary for life. A member missionary. However, your role is different as a “civilian saint” and sometimes it helps to have some pointers after you take off the name tag. Here are six.

Editors Note: The intent of this article is based off of principles that are found in Elder Clayton Christensen’s book The Power of Everyday Missionaries. This book, (along with a book by Gary Lawrence about how Americans perceive Mormons) has completely changed the way I think about missionary work, and applying these principles, has changed my life.

1. Have More Non-Preachy Positive Interaction with People

Members get so discouraged with “doing” missionary work because they think that they have to go knock doors with missionaries and get their friends, family or neighbors to say: “yes I will be baptized.” Well, I think it is much easier than this. Just do things like this guy and people will start asking you questions

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