7 Famous People Who Married Mormons

7 Famous People who Married Mormons

Photo from the Vancouver Sun

Mike Weir
Formerly Married to: Bricia Weir

Though not LDS, famous pro-golfer Mike Weir attended BYU where he met his wife, Bricia. Weir was actually on a date with another girl when they were first introduced, but as soon as Bricia walked in, he says, "I was blown away." He asked her out for the next weekend. 

Weir admits, at first, it was difficult, saying it wasn't the greatest at the start. "I don't think her mom was too thrilled about it." However, after time courting and working to prove himself a worthy suitor for her daughter, he says, "We got along pretty well."

The pair was eventually married in 1994 but later divorced in 2014.

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