7 Habits to Help You Become a Better Mormon

4. The habit of service and consideration.

Service doesn’t come naturally for many of us. One of our “fallen” characteristics is an inclination toward selfishness. However, this kind of attitude can affect not only your relationship with the friends and family members on earth, but with your Father in Heaven. Learning to serve others and focus on understanding or connecting with those around us builds our confidence in who we are. As we gain confidence in our decisions and connections, we are better able to see the vision talked about in the second habit. We will also more effectively be able to fulfill the call to be charitable, etc., and be willing to serve in a Church calling, mourn with those that mourn, lift the hands of those that hang down.

President Uchtdorf reminded us in April 2014 general conference, “Those who wholeheartedly turn their lives over to our Savior and serve God and fellowman discover a richness and fulness to life that the selfish or egotistic will never experience. The unselfish give of themselves. These may be small gifts of charity that have a grand impact for good: a smile, a handshake, a hug, time spent in listening, a soft word of encouragement, or a gesture of caring. All these acts of kindness can change hearts and lives. When we take advantage of the unlimited opportunities to love and serve our fellowmen, including our spouse and family, our capacity to love God and to serve others will greatly increase.”

Seven Habits highlight: "Many people think in terms of either/or: either you're nice or you're tough. Win-win requires that you be both. It is a balancing act between courage and consideration. To go for win-win, you not only have to be empathic, but you also have to be confident. You not only have to be considerate and sensitive, you also have to be brave. To do that—to achieve that balance between courage and consideration—is the essence of real maturity and is fundamental to win-win."

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