8 Latter-day Saint Marriage Proposals You Have to See to Believe

"Anything Can Happen" Flash Mob

Andrew Justvig is proof that "anything can happen." Despite being born with cerebral palsy, a condition that greatly inhibits his motor skills and speech, he learned to walk and has performed in BYU productions of "Old Town" and "Mary Poppins."

It was his performance in "Mary Poppins" that brought him his sweetheart-to-be, Carrie. After the two met briefly just off campus, Andrew invited Carrie to watch him perform in the play. A few days later, he snuck her backstage. Just before performing in the number "Anything Can Happen," he asked her to be his girlfriend.

Three months later, Andrew proposed by commissioning the BYU Mary Poppins cast to perform a special rendition of the same number. According to UtahValley360, Andrew wrote, “We weren’t looking for love, but love found us. For me, the song is more personal because having cerebral palsy, I have faced naysayers, doubts, and criticism of who I am and my dreams. I was told I would never walk or live a normal life, but I’m dancing and singing in shows, pursuing my dreams of working for Disney, and now I get to marry my best friend who dreams bigger than I do! ‘Anything Can Happen’ is a song that reminds me that the impossible can happen and dreams do come true.”

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