7 Mission Preparation Tips for Senior Couples

Greater life experience does not always equate to complete confidence in one's abilities to serve. Nerves often set in for those preparing to serve. The good news is there are many things prospective senior missionaries can begin doing now in preparation to serve.

Here are seven tips that will help you know how to prepare and put your fears to rest:

1. Have an 'I'll go where you want me to go' attitude

Be prepared to serve in any capacity and to fill whatever role the Lord calls you fill.

Senior missionaries are often called upon to assist mission presidents in meeting the needs of missionaries throughout the mission whether it be serving in a mission office, managing housing, working with public affairs or assisting in family history centers or with the Church Educational System.

While senior missionaries can express interest in a specific assignment and can even choose the length of time they would like to serve, ultimately a senior couple's call still comes from a prophet of God. It may not be exactly what the couple is expecting. Regardless of the assignment, be ready to jump in and give your all.

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