7 Mormons with Millions of YouTube Views

The Roberts Family: Kid Snippets

7 Mormons with Millions of YouTube Views: Kid Snippets


These hilarious shorts have the internet rolling on the floor laughing! Created by brothers Brett, David, John, and Randy Roberts and their friend Richard Sharrah, Kid Snippets stars the voices of members of the Roberts extended family. The adults record kids telling a story or acting out a scenario, then the adults act out the story using the voices of the children.

It all started with their very first Kid History video entered into the Lingos Film Festival--an LDS film festival in New York. The film won by a landslide and was quickly posted on YouTube, where growing popularity led the amily to create many more Kid History and Kid Snippets videos.

Their channel, Bored Shorts TV, now has over 318,000 subscribers and 79 million total views. The family has been approached by several TV networks, but so far they do all their own media production in their own studio and post their videos on YouTube. 

They've become so well-known that they've had Josh Groban guest star in one of their videos. It was so successful that they made a sequel. They also got to film on the original Star Wars set. LucasFilm provided the set and costumes for a hilarious "remake" of the famous cantina scene. 

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