7 Things to Remember When You Feel Like God Has Abandoned You

by | Oct. 13, 2015

Mormon Life

Difficulties and trials are a part of every traveler's journey in life. Sometimes they make us and other times they break us and piece us together into something different. Either way, we come out of these difficulties a different person than we were when we went in. That is the nature of trials.

Some may turn to God in their difficulties, but what happens when we feel that God has abandoned us and forced us to face the darkness alone? Here are seven things to remember when you feel like God has abandoned you.

God Loves You

God is your father, and He loves you with a love that is perfect and unending. You can trust in that. Because you are His child, He cares for you, watches over you, protects you and even mourns with you. We are put here in families with parents so we can understand the bond between parent and child. That love is only a fraction of the love your Heavenly Father feels for you. In the scriptures we are told that charity never faileth. Charity is pure love, and God's love will never fail you. Learn to love Him too so you can more fully feel His love around you.

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