7 Truths About Leadership from Sheri Dew

On March 18, 2015, The Utah Women & Leadership Project, partnered with the UVU Women’s Success Center, the Women’s Leadership Institute and other organizations provided our Utah community with an evening with Sheri Dew. Her remarks were entitled “You Were Born To Lead.” She gave seven distinct points about leadership in our varied spheres. As Elaine Dalton said in her introduction, “We are not ordinary women and this is not an ordinary time.” Susan Madsen, Project Director of the Utah Women and Leadership Project, echoed this idea, saying, “We don’t have the luxury of thinking only some women should or can be leaders. We all must be.” Having been personally drawn to leadership roles within various community organizations, I can attest to the wise counsel that Dew gives about leadership and being effective. I have made the mistakes she cautions against.

Here are her points with some additional notes:

1. Your leadership is not about you. It's about elevating others, not yourself. Leaders who help the most people help the most people.

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