7 Vintage LDS Films that will Make You Smile (and Make Your Kids Laugh)

by | Jun. 20, 2014


LDS kids these days don’t know how good they have it.

The Mormon Channel produces new Mormon Messages for Youth every month or so. LDS recording artists release uplifting music videos that make the rounds on the Internet every few days. With so much high-quality, uplifting media to choose from, many of today’s Mormon teenagers have no idea how far LDS short films have come.

If you remember “The Mailbox,” “The Phone Call” or “Johnny Lingo,” you’ve seen the evolution of LDS cinema. Show your teenagers these videos to teach them a valuable lesson in innovation and progress — and maybe a lesson or two in self-worth, family relationships and selfless service.

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2."The Phonecall"


If your teenager likes “Napoleon Dynamite,” “The Phone Call” is the short film for them. The short film teaches important lessons in dating, confidence, relationships and nunchuck—I mean, martial arts skills as it follows the story’s frizzy-haired, lanky, karate-move flaunting hero through the tricky waters of teenage dating.

The film is based on a short story by Jack Weyland that was first published in the Feb. 1976 issue of the New Era. It includes a classic love triangle and hero’s journey from awkward and insecure to slightly less awkward and insecure

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