7 promises I've broken as a parent

We all make "I shall never" statements before we have children. I could have filled buckets with the wisdom and know-how I threw out to the world. Now, I mostly keep my mouth shut. I've had to insert a foot one-too-many times.

I will never eat off my kid's plate.

This is an absolutely disgusting habit. Who does this? Wait! You're going to throw out an entire plate of spaghetti? Hand it over. It's mine.

I will never take pictures of my children with food on their face, and I certainly won't think it's cute.

Oh, but just look at that chubby-faced boy with milk and lasagna smeared through his hair. He is so darling! He is such a pig! The mess he makes is both endearing and fantastical. My home is a breeding ground for future Jackson Pollocks, flinging their mashed potatoes on the wall. Someone has got to record this art form in its infant stages.

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