8 Boy Scout Requirements That Also Count Toward Duty to God (+ How Both Programs Help Prepare for Priesthood Service)

by | Mar. 06, 2017

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5. Leadership

Besides the requirements of serving in leadership roles, there are requirements in both programs to be a friend and to invite others to participate in the programs. Here is one example that fulfills a requirement for both:

Boy Scout: “Tell someone who is eligible to join Boy Scouts, or an inactive Boy Scout, about your Scouting activities. Invite him to an outing, activity, service project, or meeting. Tell him how to join, or encourage the inactive Boy Scout to become active. Share your efforts with your Scoutmaster or other adult leader” (First Class Rank, 10).

Duty to God: “Create a project that will help you apply what you have learned about loving others. It should include two parts: (1) plans to improve your relationship with your family and (2) plans to be a better friend” (Duty to God, 80).

6. Education

Duty to God gives a requirement that young men are to prepare for the future by creating a project that will help them gain the education and career they want. They should decide on potential interests, learn as much as they can about them, then set plans to pursue them.

Boy Scout: Although there are multiple required educational merit badges to advance in rank, there are many more that are optional. Many merit badges would be helpful in deciding what future careers young men may be interested in.

Duty to God: “Create a project that will help you apply what you have learned about gaining an education. It should include two parts: (1) plans to gain an education and (2) plans to explore future occupation options” (Duty to God, 56).

7. Money Management

Another part of preparing for education (or the future in general) is to understand finances and become thrifty and wise. The following is a requirement regarding finances that counts for both.

Boy Scout: “With your parents or guardian, decide on an amount of money that you would like to earn, based on the cost of a specific item you would like to purchase. Develop a written plan to earn the amount agreed upon and follow that plan; it is acceptable to make changes to your plan along the way. Discuss any changes made to your original plan and whether you met your goal” (Second Class Rank, 8c).

“At a minimum of three locations, compare the cost of the item for which you are saving to determine the best place to purchase it. After completing Second Class requirement 8c, decide if you will use the amount that you earned as originally intended, save all or part of it, or use it for another purpose” (Second Class Rank, 8d).

Duty to God: “If you have income, develop and follow a personal savings and spending plan. It should include paying tithing and saving money for a mission. Share your plan with your parents or quorum members” (Duty to God, 55).

8. Physical Health

Among the many requirements for a Boy Scout, they must also strive for excellent physical health. In Duty to God, it states on page 32 that young deacons will need to create a project that will help apply principles of good physical health.

Regular Exercise

Boy Scout: Develop a plan for improvement in various physical and aquatic exercises such as running/walking, pushups, situps, and swimming (see Tenderfoot Rank, 6; Second Class Rank, 5 & 7; First Class Rank, 6 & 8).

Duty to God: “Create a monthly exercise chart. Include a variety of exercises that help you become more physically fit, such as running, biking, or training for a sport” (Duty to God, 32).

Eating healthy and preparing meals/Nutrition

Boy Scout: Learn about nutrition; plan and prepare and cook meals for a group (see Tenderfoot Rank, 2; Second Class Rank, 2; First Class Rank, 2).

Duty to God: “Learn principles of proper nutrition from Doctrine and Covenants 89 and from books, the Internet, or other sources. Teach your family or quorum what you discover. Keep a record of what you eat for a month, and then make changes to your diet based on what you have learned about nutrition.

“Learn how to prepare three nutritionally balanced meals.” (Duty to God, 33).

"Awaken...to a Sense of Your Duty to God"

As you help your young men work on these achievements, remind them of the blessing and promise from Elder Hales:

“I promise you that you will be blessed for your faithfulness and declare with the prophet Alma, “I have said these things unto you that I might awaken you to a sense of your duty to God, that ye may walk blameless before him, that ye may walk after the holy order of God” (Alma 7:22). That each Aaronic Priesthood holder will fulfill his duty to God and return with honor to his Heavenly Father is my prayer” (“Fulfilling Our Duty to God,” Ensign, Nov. 2001).

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