8 Hilarious GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up How You Feel When Daylight Savings Ends

For Church members in most of the world, there is one Sunday that is always looked forward to—the end of Daylight Savings.

This is especially true for those who begin church at 9 a.m. when an extra hour of sleep is made all the sweeter. 

But with the extra beauty sleep also comes some hilarious scenarios some Mormons might have experienced. 

When you wake up suddenly and realize you have an extra hour of sleep left before you have to get ready for church.

Or when you somehow, some way, accidently show up an hour early for church and realize you're in the wrong ward.

When you use the extra time to make your favorite breakfast.

Then someone reminds you it's also fast Sunday.

Or instead, you try to squeeze in as much sleep as possible and have to rush to get ready.

When you come home from church and skip your Sunday nap because you feel so energized.

Or when you come home and complete your fast.

In the end, no matter what happens, the Sunday after Daylight Savings ends is always better than the Sunday after Daylight Savings starts.

Lead image from Getty Images
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