8 Latter-day Saint Women Who Shaped Hollywood, Fashion + More by Standing for Their Faith

Liriel Domiciano: Standing as a Witness of God at All Times

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Liriel Domiciano became an icon for Brazilian youth after applying to be a seamstress for a bridal fashion show and auditioning as a wedding singer for the show at the same time. Within 48 hours, 19-year-old Liriel received 10 job offers to sing. Learning of her fortune, friends encouraged her to try out for Brazil’s largest televised talent competition, the Raul Gil Amateur Show (a Brazilian equivalent to American Idol). She passed the stress-filled audition and was given the opportunity to share her talent on national television.

Liriel wanted very much to let the television audience know that she was a Latter-day Saint—standing as a witness of God at all times and in all places—but she had been told she could not say anything about her religion on the air. After praying in her stage room before her first performance, she looked up and saw her Young Women medallion. It was the answer she had been looking for. She wore her medallion during television performances and in this subtle way let viewers know that she was a member of the Church. In front of millions of viewers, she stood as a witness for Christ.

In 2004 Liriel performed in a program held to celebrate the rededication of the São Paulo Temple. President Gordon B. Hinckley heard her performance and was so impressed that he invited her to sing in general conference with the Tabernacle Choir. When a producer learned that Liriel would be turning down his offer to perform without pay with the Tabernacle Choir, he became irate and warned her that his offer “wouldn’t be there when she returned.” Liriel said, “To sing for money is one thing, but the choir sings for no money, just the spirit.” She performed magnificently.

As Liriel gains popularity as one of Brazil’s most sought-after celebrities, she continues to stand as a witness for Christ. Her example of a faithful Latter-day Saint woman blesses the lives of youth throughout her nation and the world.

Photo by Ravell Call from Deseret Morning News

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