8 Things I Think About When I Don't Want to Go to Church

I’m sure that every reader of this blog has experienced days — perhaps even months or years — when it is really difficult to get motivated to go to church or specific church meetings.

Let me make this clear: I got baptized in my 30s and still have some of the fire of a recent convert, but I occasionally feel negative thoughts about a church meeting.

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You are not alone if you feel this way. . . . [But] I have found that when these negative thoughts come into my mind I can drown them out with positive thoughts. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Church is not about my entertainment and my short-term pleasure. 

If it were, it would be different and certainly more worldly. But whenever I am having a negative thought about something, I tell myself: “Geoff B, church meetings do not exist to entertain you or give you worldly pleasures.” That immediately changes my mindset.

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