8 Tips to Ensure Your Kids' Safety Online

by | Apr. 13, 2016

Mormon Life

Kids are social today. They want social media accounts and access to smartphones, tablets and computers. As a parent, you have two options to deal with their overpowering social craze: allow your kids some of that freedom while keeping a very watchful eye on what's happening, or restrict Internet access to them altogether. But the latter can backfire because most kids will simply use a friend's device. So let's assume you allow your kids a decent amount of access to the Internet. How can you effectively protect your kids from lurkers, predators and others that simply want to do harm online?

Here are some solid tips you can use to help keep your kids safe while online:

1. Try not to make the Internet a strange and long-awaited prize.

If your kids have zero access to the Internet before the age of 15, they may be longing for that day to arrive - and they might go crazy when it comes. While you can't let kids use the Internet alone at a very young age, introducing them to things like smartphones and tablets (through your own usage) while they are young won't make those things forbidden. As a result, you'll take away that temptation.

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