8 quotes on religious freedom you may have missed

by | Dec. 28, 2014

Makes You Think

2014 was a busy year for The Becket Fund, a public-interest law firm that advocates for religious freedom rights.

According to Deseret News National’s Mark Kellner, the law firm won its biggest case of 2014, the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby case, which extended religious freedom rights to for-profit corporations.

But this wasn't the only case The Becket Fund tackled this year. As I wrote back in October, the law firm continues to battle for religious rights for businesses, people and companies, and it will do so come 2015, too.

"I think Becket has been quite successful in teeing up issues that press the boundaries of the religious liberty claim," said Linda Greenhouse, a professor at Yale University's Law School, Kellner wrote in a profile of The Becket Fund. "The notion that a corporation could claim a faith-based right not to obey a federal law would not have been taken seriously even a few years ago."

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