9 Mormon YouTubers with Millions of Followers

by | May 23, 2015



9 Mormons with Millions of YouTube Followers-Kid SnippetsFor Brett, Dave, John, and Randy Roberts, making videos together is a long-standing family tradition. In fact, while growing up, the brothers would fire up the camera on Sunday afternoons as a way to entertain themselves.

“We were trying to figure out what we could do together while keeping the Sabbath holy,” John recalls.

Their love of filming together has carried over to adulthood in the form of their wildly popular Kid History and Kid Snippets videos, which feature the voices of kids telling stories while adults act them out. After four years, their YouTube channel, Bored Shorts TV, has garnered more than 453,000 subscribers and 110 million total views.

“We’re glad there is still an audience for family-friendly content,” Dave says. “We try to make our videos funny for everyone. We have a strong LDS following, and we have many fans who are not LDS, so we have the best of both worlds.”

These Mormon YouTubers, along with their close friend Richard Sharrah, have definitely found a winning formula—to the point that they have been approached by several TV networks about creating a show. But so far, they haven’t felt good about moving in that direction. “We aren’t anxious to do it unless it’s right,” Brett says, citing instances where networks have asked to have the children swear or otherwise compromise the Bored Shorts TV standards. 

With a devoted following that is spreading across the globe, these men are dedicated to continuing and expanding their offerings of clean entertainment. “Parents tell us they are grateful that their kids have things to watch without worrying about the content,” Dave says. “The reason we release a Kid Snippet video every Monday morning is so families can watch them together for family home evening,” Brett adds. “It’s meant to be a good time for people of all ages.”

And it’s a good time for these five Mormon YouTubers, too. With their love for each other, their varied talents, and the constant good-natured teasing, sometimes it’s hard to tell when play ends and work begins.

“If you asked me when I was younger what my dream job would be, I would have said going into business with my brothers,” says Randy. “They are my best friends, so being able to work with them and spend time together has been awesome.”

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