9 Steps to Help You Find a Lost Testimony

Right off the start, I need to acknowledge that it was merely a ring that I lost. Granted it was my wedding ring, but it was still just a ring. Every single day people all around me face real challenges that make a ring seem like a tiny piece of jewelry – which it is.

Yesterday, after I wrote the post about losing the ring, mostly to co-opt pity and use it for an opportunity to make a small analogy, the comments started rolling in. They were sweet, and kind. Precious little snark, and many offers of prayers on my behalf. I found myself feeling sheepish and grateful at the same time. I thank all of you for your sincere concern, and your prayers, and invite you to be happy with me over this relatively small thing.

But I am happy, and I do feel blessed.  Here is how it went down:

After I realized my ring was gone, I immediately began the mental process of retracing my steps. Where had I gone? What had I been doing? Did I hear it fall? When and where did I change my clothes?

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