9 Thanksgiving GIFs Latter-day Saints Understand All Too Well


Latter-day Saints love family time, and what better time to celebrate being together than over a Thanksgiving meal?

As many are preparing for their epic Thanksgiving feasts and looking forward to some quality family time, here are some moments you might be able to relate to. 

1. Officially beginning the Thanksgiving dinner prep.

2. Hoping the turkey turns out just right.

3. Trying not to steal any yummy treats when no one is looking.

4. When you get up to answer the door and someone steals your spot on the couch.

5. Trying to remember all of your second cousins' names.

6. When there's no more room at the dining table and you're sent to the kids' table.

7. When the Thanksgiving prayer lasts just a little too long.

8. The moment when the mashed potatoes run out.

9. But it's okay because you realize it's the people, not the food, you are most grateful for.

Lead image from Getty Images
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