91-Year-Old LDS Man Collects Nearly 600 Bow Ties

by | Oct. 22, 2016

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Along with a keen fashion sense that turns heads, Max Moser also knows what matters most: “Do the best you can and then do a little bit better,” Moser said. “Focus on the positives instead of the negatives . . . we’re all God’s children, we’re all alike.”

Forget the Muffin Man—do you know the Bow Tie Guy?

Max Leslie Moser, known as Mr. Bow Tie by friends, neighbors and colleagues, is not your typical 91-year-old. Moser, never without one of his iconic bow ties, is a paragon of his community.

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“Max has been somewhat of a local celebrity. He is not someone you would ever forget once you have had the pleasure of his acquaintance,” said Shawn Wilson, Moser’s friend and neighbor. “He is rail-thin with an iconic, curled-up white mustache, and at least once a week you will see him dressed to the nines, many times with a fedora, but always with his ties: large, colorful, wild, wonderful bow ties.”

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