95 Facts About President Nelson for His 95th Birthday

by | Sep. 07, 2019


Life as a Father

41. His 10th child and only son was born two months after his first grandson.

42. He once nearly drowned on a family rafting trip down the Colorado River. 

43. He used to take a daughter with him when traveling to medical conventions and other professional assignments.

44. He would curl his daughters’ hair and get them ready for church while Dantzel sang in the Tabernacle Choir.

45. He wrote The Gateway We Call Death after his daughter died of cancer, leaving behind a husband and five children.

46. He sends a personalized card to all of his family members for birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

47. He still attends blessings, baptisms, ordinations, sealings, and endowments of all of his family members.

Personal Hobbies and Habits

48. He has perfect pitch and used to be asked to give the pitch for his University of Utah a cappella choir.

49. He sings baritone.

50. He plays the organ for the Brethren during their Thursday morning meetings in the temple

51. He was a Temple Square missionary for nearly 10 years.

52. He would use medical terms to refer to everyday objects. (His children thought a traffic jam was called a thrombosis!)

53. He uses Exodus 31:13 as his guideline for Sabbath observance.

54. He is never late.

55. He is a master of self-discipline, according to his colleagues.

56. He has studied at least 12 languages (French, Latin, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Czech, and Romanian).

57. He is a good listener.

58. He has great respect for women.

59. He has a gift for and a great love of revelation.

60. He likes to garden and go fishing.

61. He was one of the first general authorities to get a computer and adopt new technologies.

62. He is a talented writer and editor.

63. He collects stamps and coins. 

64. He loves putting together jigsaw puzzles. 

65. He enjoys finding unusual figurines of doctors in other countries.

66. He started his photography hobby at a very young age. 

67. He loves the outdoors.

68. He is listed in Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in America, and Who’s Who in Religion. 

69. He has received three honorary degrees (doctor of Science from Brigham Young University, doctor of medical science from Utah State University, and doctor of humane letters from Snow College).

70. He has kept meticulous notes on different subjects from medicine to religion throughout his life, including the scores of the college basketball games he attended.

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