98–99: “Middle Way” Mormonism and Women

Mormon Matters episodes 85–86 featured a panel consisting of four men discussing “Middle Way Mormonism,” a term that has been gaining traction as a way to describe a path that some Latter-day Saints are taking in which they attempt to negotiate the tensions that arise when they find themselves believing ideas or valuing certain things differently than what they perceive is a typical LDS position yet still working to remain within and fully engaged with Mormon community life. We now turn to a similar discussion of the “Middle Way” journey, but with women’s voices. What are the common experiences women and men share in aMiddle Wayjourney? What are some of the differences? How can women find their authentic voice and have it be effectively heard in the church’s patriarchal culture? Is their approach to raising children in the LDS community different for their daughters than their sons?
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