A Catholic's take on Glenn Beck

"Does God speak through Glenn Beck?" While secularists at MSNBC smirk and some on the "permanent left" deride this question, believers understand that God chooses special messengers. Catholic theology says you don't have to be a saint for God to speak through you. So does God speak through the Fox News man?

Knowing that Beckian revelation could happen raises the question if it did happen. In the light of Beck's August 2010 rally at the Lincoln Memorial, when Beck attributed his words to God's power, a Catholic theological test helps decide if his was truly a "God moment."

Let us exclude here the notion that everything is a result of God's providence. According to this shallow theology, God willed the Holocaust, Hurricane Katrina was sent by God to punish New Orleans for tolerating homosexuals, etc. In contrast, Catholic theology avoids this mechanical understanding of Divine causality using this test: Does the new "revelation" contradict Christ's teaching in the Gospel?

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