A Look Inside the May/June 2020 Issue of LDS Living Magazine

by | May 01, 2020

Most people have not met Si Foster in person, but thousands of her social media followers will instantly recognize the face on the cover of LDS Living’s May/June 2020 issue as the woman behind the “A Bountiful Kitchen” food blog.

Today, ”A Bountiful Kitchen” plays a large role in her missionary work, as she and her husband, Grant, recently began their service together in Barcelona. Elder and Sister Foster may not have grown up active in the Church, but they are committed to sharing the joy they have found as they have embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You may find both your spiritual hunger fed and your physical hunger whetted by this issue as you read about Latter-day Saints who have done remarkable things in the culinary world, from winning contests to starting successful bakeries and businesses and competing on television food shows. While these chefs and bakers work hard and are very talented, they also talk about the elements of faith that they believe add to their success.

Also in the issue, you can check out a few healthy and delicious Six Sisters’ Stuff recipes from their newest cookbook, learn about the magic and importance of traditional Sunday dinner, and read a tasty take on cake and faith in a Q&A with Courtney Rich of Cakes by Courtney.

Our May/June issue wouldn’t be complete without a story on a current topic: couples whose temple sealings and wedding celebrations have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “[The pandemic’s] effects have been both devastating and unsettling, and our LDS Living team has been praying and trying to find ways to help, just like all of you,” writes Associate Publisher Erin Hallstrom in the beginning of the issue. “We planned this issue long before any of this was happening in the world, but in some ways, the timing of its release feels like it was meant to be . . . I know many of us have done more cooking and baking as we have been spending more time at home with our families. Or for those of us without a family to cook for, we have been looking to food as a way to nourish our bodies and souls as we connect with memories that give us comfort.”

We hope that you find messages that comfort, inspire, bring joy, and spark new ideas as you read and share this latest issue. 

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