A Milk Moustache, No Matter the Moment

by | May 10, 2010


Our journey continues through the basics of food storage, and our next item is a must have at our home. With three young children, and most particularly a picky four year old as the caboose, we go through a lot of milk! Often when she will eat nothing else, she will happily enjoy a sippy cup of milk. Luckily, milk provides many vitamins and minerals, and when nonfat milk is served, it can also be a great source of protein without the fat.

But are you skeptical about dried milk? Do you worry about the flavor, the storage, and quite frankly, how to use the stuff? Well, I'm here to calm your fears. Don't be intimidated by instant milk any longer, grab a can and let's get the most from milk!

Did you know that Instant Nonfat Dried Milk can be stored for over twenty years? A recent study by Brigham Young University cited that even the "worst" sample of milk, stored for twenty-nine years in a relatively high oxygen environment, was given a 63 percent acceptance rate for drinking in an emergency and a 75 percent acceptance rate for use in recipes. Obviously, you can feel confident that any nitrogen-packed milk you are storing in a cool, dry place will serve you well for many years.

But don't wait that long to try out your milk! First of all, you are going to be pleasantly surprised by the taste of powdered milk. If mixed well in the blender or mixer pitcher, and then chilled - you will find that the taste is very close to the nonfat milk you purchase at your local grocery store.

Besides being great for drinking, dried milk can be used to make other milk products. Did you know you can make buttermilk, yogurt, cottage cheese, sweetened condensed milk, and even whipped topping with your dried milk? It's true - armed with some know-how and a few extra ingredients, all of these are possible with your food storage milk!

Now, take a moment and think of all the recipes that you add milk to. Just this weekend I made pancakes for my children, not realizing that my just-add-water pancake mix probably had dried milk in it! If you have a recipe that calls for milk, just add the powdered milk to the recipe, and then add the amount of water needed to reconstitute the milk. Imagine the possibilities! You can create pudding mixes, cake mixes, cream soups, cheese sauces, gravies, and chowders with your food storage milk. After reading all the recipes I could that involved powdered milk, I realized this basic food storage item would be instrumental in adding flavor and variety to my arsenal of food storage options.

So, don't be intimidated by the powdered version of one of your favorite ingredients. You will enjoy the nutrition, flavor, storability, and most of all-versatility, of your dried milk now and in the future. Take advantage of the Food Storage Analyzer at www.beprepared.com/analyzer to help you decide how much you should store for your family, and rest assured that you can wear a milk mustache no matter the moment!

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