A Not Very Talented Girl

by | Apr. 01, 2010

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At age fifteen I compiled a list of everything I wished I could be: a world-class ice skater/skier/tennis player, amazing ballerina, professional-quality singer/harpist/cellist/pianist and speaker of multiple languages. My list of all the talents I wanted was very, very long.

In reality I could do none of these things even vaguely well. I struggled hard to define my talents and figure out what they might be. I tried many sports and dancing and was somewhere between horrible and mediocre at all of them. Languages enchanted me, but found myself stumped somewhere around the second year. I was also painfully shy when it came to actually speaking them out loud. Not too promising.

When I got my Patriarchal Blessing I was excited to find out what talents I might have. Both of my parents’ blessings had detailed accounts of things they were good at and what gifts would strengthen their lives. But my blessing said nothing about talents. No gifts were mentioned, spiritual or otherwise.

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