A Shout Out to Single Mormon Men

In my single adult life, I’ve listened to plenty of criticism for Single Mormon Men (SMM). I’ve heard that they are selfish, lazy, irresponsible, and just plain weird. In “Single, Female, Mormon, Alone” Nicole Hardy calls SMM “left overs: awkward, uncompromising, and unlucky”. (NYTimes, 1/2011) Everyone seems to have an opinion about SMM and I’ve read many unflattering theories for their singleness on Mormon blogs across the internet.

These guys just can’t catch a break. The prophet is on their case about being unmarried. Bishops keep the pressure on about dating. Parents are ever inquiring. Ward members eye them suspiciously. And single women (I am very sorry to say) seem to have free reign in their verbal flogging. There is a constant call for them to grow up, man up, career up, and get married, already.

The SMM response to this censure? To walk away. Jared Whitley writes “most single LDS males are probably not willing to complain … so they do the only thing they can do: suffer in quiet desperation [or] seek refuge elsewhere. [This] means leaving the Mormon Church, which compounds the imbalanced gender ratios among LDS singles.”

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