A True Story of Missionaries Living in a Haunted House That Will Give You Goosebumps

An Unexpected Phone Conversation

Shortly after this conversation, Elder Beckstrom was talking with his zone leaders. That's when he brought up a question that had been bothering him since he first arrived at Oxenholme: Why did they bring two brand new missionaries into the area?

"The zone leaders said the other missionaries had claimed weird things were going on," Beckstrom explains. The zone leaders thought these were just tales the missionaries kept spreading among themselves, so they brought in fresh missionaries to kill the rumors.

That's when Elder Beckstrom told the zone leaders a bit about what he had been experiencing, asking if these encounters were anything like the "strange stories" the other missionaries had shared.

Not long after, he and Elder Taylor received new orders from the mission president: find a new apartment.

About the whole experience, Beckstrom says he never felt threatened or truly frightened—mostly curious.

“I always have wondered about the whole concept of ghosts. You hear so many ghost stories and I wondered about the idea that spirits would be left on earth to wander around and move milk bottles and other strange things. [This experience] didn’t make me believe any more [in the supernatural]. It was just random and interesting to see that the paranormal stories you hear maybe really could be happening."

Much of his calm reaction to these events Beckstrom credits to the knowledge he had as a missionary.

“Part of [why we never felt scared] was we had a perspective on the afterlife," he says.

Now, nearly 40 years later, Beckstrom still doesn't have an explanation for most of what he experienced, but he laughingly admits, “to this day that farmer could be laughing his head off about spooking the missionaries.”

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