A Walk Back in Time

It is the glorious season of summer time once again. And if in our very busy, sometimes over crowded lives we fail to stop, look and listen it will be winter before we know it. We will have missed the grand opportunity to use the faculties God has given us to see, to touch, to hear and to experience His hand in the beauties of nature. It is important to drink of experiences that can enrich our souls and sustain us in every season. It is essential to our happiness.

A few weeks ago while enjoying a long walk in the early morning when the dew was still on the grass I found myself pondering the significance of the seasons of one's life and one’s personal history—first our ancestors and our nation and then our immediate family. For some reason I was lead in my thinking to my own history.

It was at that point I began a walk back in time and it seemed so real as I experienced once again in my mind and heart the sounds, the smells, and the memories of the past. They flooded back into my mind in such a way that I felt I had actually returned to my childhood. The feelings came back like echoes from a prairie. I was back to a glorious place on top of our haystack somewhere between earth and sky!

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