A World War II, POW conversion story

Alfred Young's conversion is the stuff of legend. ,p> He first picked up a copy of the Book of Mormon as a prisoner of war in Japan. Seeds of testimony germinated in his heart for more than a decade before he entered the waters of baptism in New Mexico. And since joining the Church, time and the gospel have been Balm of Gilead for the unseen wounds war inflicted on Brother Young's soul.

Timely exchange

In May 1939, Alfred Young left his Tulsa, Okla., home as a bright-eyed 20-year-old army recruit pegged for military service in the Philippines.

By the dawn of 1945, however, the earth stood still for Alfred. Beginning with the fall of the Philippines to the Japanese in May 1942, he'd been a POW for more than 2½ years. Put in perspective, his captivity spanned over 10 percent of his entire life to that point. The daily rhythms of Camp 2B in Kawasaki, Japan, included starvation, disease and brutality.

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