A bucket list for family history

It was a genealogist's nightmare.

After 40 years of genealogical work, the wife died. The husband was also dying. He contacted genealogist Ann Carter Fleming and began to arrange to have her take their research and write their family history. But before he could finish the arrangement with his attorney, the husband died.

"His son called me and said he didn't want to do the project and he would take the material," Fleming said at the National Genealogical Society's 2010 Family History Conference. Fleming and her husband drove their jeep to the son's home in another city. He was. They gave him (the dead couples' only child) the boxes containing decades of research.

He was less than enthused.

"When we got back into the car after handing it off, my husband, a non-genealogist, said, 'Those boxes are going straight to the Dumpster,'" Fleming said.

Fleming talked about how many people have a bucket list -- things they want to do before they kick the bucket. She pled with the people in her workshop to create a family history bucket list so that what happened to that husband and wife won't happen to them.

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