A call for Facebook civility

While skimming Thursday's edition of The New York Times, one headline caught my eye: "I need to vent. Hello, Facebook."

The article, written by Douglas Quenqua, focuses on couples who use Facebook to make their arguments public, allowing friends to weigh in, keep score and, in probably most cases, feel awkward.

"For most couples, the temptation to publicly slander each other is overpowered by the instinct to prove to their friends how happy they are, reality notwithstanding," Quenqua writes. "But for others, arguing in front of others comes as naturally as slamming doors."

Personally, I can't relate to the concept of waging spousal feuds via social networking sites. In fact, I'm pretty sure I haven't posted on my wife's Facebook wall since we got married. I do live with her after all, and when I have something to tell her, I don't need to use a virtual bullhorn so the neighbors can listen in.

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