A day of volunteering with Donny and Marie Osmond

Last week, Donny Osmond hurt his back when he fell off a platform backstage at the Flamingo. But here he is on Saturday, picking up heavy boxes of charity food and walking them into senior citizens' apartments, without complaint.

"Good morning Joe!," Donny, 52, beams at Joe Dattilo, a retired banker scheduled for internal surgery this week. "How would you like a bunch of food?"

There is no pity here for seniors in need. Donny and Marie spend two hours in dozens of clean apartments, celebrating each senior's life, smiling, hugging, holding hands and asking about their families, their careers and their lives.

The only tears are Marie's when she meets Barbara Wilson.

At first, their meeting is all laughs. Donny strikes a somewhat suggestive dancing pose with Barbara as if he's still on "Dancing With the Stars," which he just won.

Barbara tells them she used to nurse and now gets frustrated when she goes to the hospital and can't do for others what others now do for her.

Barbara has pictures everywhere of family, kids, grandkids, great-grandkids and brothers who died in war.

Suddenly, Marie, 50, is floored by emotions. She picks up a plant from Barbara's kitchen table.

"This was my mom's favorite flower. The Christmas cactus," Marie says.

She can't take her eyes off it.

Once Marie gets outside Barbara's door, she cries without relief. Donny and Marie's parents lived in a retirement home before they died. Marie is now thinking so hard about her mom and how she misses her.

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