A different sort of happily-ever-after

by | Jul. 27, 2009

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“I don’t’ think there has ever been a premarital couple who is closer than Beau and I are. We’re one of the rare lucky ones whose union far exceeds the sum of it’s parts…one plus one equals a billion. I have a feeling the best thing I’m going to have in this life is my marriage with Beau. I KNOW our marriage will be a happy one for both of us.”

These are the words I wrote in my journal as a young woman, deep in love with my pre-missionary sweetheart.

I’d been searching for The One, someone who would become one in heart, mind and soul with me, all my life. I’d come from a dysfunctional, abusive family situation, and as part of my survival tactic, I looked around and found people whose relationships reflected what I wanted in my life. A unified marriage was my highest priority, and I couldn’t believe how fortunate Beau and I were to have found each other.

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