A little Hollywood close to home: BYU students work on feature film 'For Robbing the Dead'

At first glance, it looks a bit like Hollywood.

Men in cowboy hats, women in long dust-kissed dresses and a horse whinnying in the background.

"Picture's up! Quiet!" echoes the call across the set. The chatting and scuffling stops, and Sheriff Henry Heath delivers his lines.

"Cut! That was great," calls director and screenwriter Tom Russell. The scene is finally how he wants it.

But this isn't California. This is Provo.

And the feature film's sound and production designers, heads of lighting, costumes and make-up and cinematographers aren't Hollywood hotshots, they're BYU students.

Thanks to a new experimental relationship between FirstLight Independent LLC and BYU's Theatre and Media Arts Department, students are getting a taste of full-length filming as they work with professionals on the historical drama, "For Robbing the Dead."

"I've done a lot of short films, but this is different," said Phillip Goodwin, first assistant director and a recent BYU graduate. "It's 1,000 times bigger in every direction. I don't think anyone has ever seen a movie that will be this cool that will be made by students."

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