A look into conference food traditions

According to Mormon Times readers, general conference food options range from whole-wheat cinnamon rolls to a Dairy Queen run in China.

Michael Margolies, of Waukesha, Wis., remembers eating cinnamon rolls made out of wheat cracked at home from the family's food storage. His family would drive to the mountains in Nevada and listen to the Sunday sessions on short-wave radio.

"If we were prepared ahead, we would be making homemade root beer in the cooler with dry ice," he wrote.

He now watches conference at home on BYU-TV and says "the neighbors think we are sick since it's the only time of year they don't see us going to church." These days, it's monkey bread for breakfast and a pan of nachos for lunch.

Barbara Moore Toronto wrote in from Beijing, where she attends an expatriate branch that meets in a high-rise office building. After a Saturday session, members of the branch usually make a rush for the lobby, where there is a Dairy Queen.

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