A man as the Primary chorister?

Few Latter-day Saint men are privileged enough to spend most of their adult life in Primary, but I have been one such lucky fellow. While the rest of you brethren have been struggling with all those "grown-up" callings, I've been enjoying myself each week in the company of all those pure, innocent children.

I have also been blessed to serve as the Primary chorister! I am currently serving for the third time in the best calling in the church. May I offer some advice to other male choristers of what I have learned along the way?

Yes, you are still a man

Here are a few random thoughts about manhood and being a Primary chorister:

* The Lord does not expect you to check your manliness at the door and perform the calling as a woman might. Bring your manliness and masculinity into the calling and enjoy it. The boys will appreciate that there's finally someone who speaks their language, and the girls will be fascinated with the novelty of it all.

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