A man who is thankful for cancer

He attended the U.S. Air Force Academy, was always physically active and usually met others with a wry smile. Even-tempered and kind, he is a genuine, good man who loves his family and they love him. We use the expression "firm in the faith." It perfectly describes Paul.

Sunday when he stood to bear his testimony to our ward he was, inevitably, a changed man. Cancer — brain cancer — has a way of doing that to you.

Paul walked slowly to the stand at a determined pace. As he clasped the podium, he struggled to find and deliver the words he so desired to speak. He explained that the tumor was pressing on his brain and wrecking havoc. Occassionally, after garbled words, he chuckled. Then he would bear down in a gallant attempt to capture and deliver his message. He spoke slowly, simply, powerfully.

"I am thankful for my cancer."
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