A mea culpa and explaining faith reports

Much ado about Mormons? » One comment I hear from readers is "you run too many Mormon stories in The Tribune."

If you were to count up a year's worth of A1, Utah section and Faith section covers, you would find that there are more stories on the LDS faithful than on Muslim, Episcopal, Baptist or Roman Catholic believers.

Much as Italian papers run more stories on Roman Catholics than other faiths, a newspaper in Utah will run more items on Mormons. This is the worldwide headquarters of the Latter-day Saints; a large proportion of our readers are Mormon. Beyond that, what the LDS Church leaders proclaim affects the laws, agreements and ethics of the state.

Metro columnist Peg McEntee, who edited the faith pages for years, agrees that newspapers in Utah cannot ignore the might of the LDS Church.

"In Utah, Mormonism is an undeniable influence on both the secular and the sacred. It has a prominent place in politics and culture. If we did not cover the church, people would wonder why," she said. "And they would have reason to wonder. Who else is going to do it?"

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