A miraculous Mormon youth conference in Zimbabwe

As we began preparations for this inaugural youth conference for the Harare Zimbabwe stake, we knew we should expect about 600 young men and young women from all walks of life. This would require incredible planning and resources in order for it to be a success. There was no way that our stake budget could accommodate this event, but the Lord had told us to do it and we knew He would provide a way. The inspiration regarding the itinerary had been VERY specific and we had been directed very clearly as to what we should do. The spirit confirmed to us that this was a very important event and that the highest possible standards should be maintained in all areas. So we set to work, it was incredible to watch the miracles unfold – we felt like the Israelites crossing the Red Sea!

First, came the miracle of opening the doors of the containers that had come from America from the kind hearted and generous Latter-Day Saints of Utah.

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