A real-life account of the PEF in action

After my mission, I set up a fruit stand, and that went well for me. With my earnings, I paid for school, helped support my family and paid tithes and offerings.

But one day, as I was selling my fruit, a truck hit me. I lost one of my legs and the sight in one eye. I suffered for months, but with God's miracles, finally came home from the hospital.

After all this, I heard the prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley, say that returned missionaries who did not have financial resources would be able to gain an education. The Perpetual Education Fund would provide loans for those youth with high hopes.

It was true I had lost my leg and my eye but not the desire to live or to continue dreaming. I decided to fight to reach my goals. Thanks to the PEF, I finished a technical school program in three years and entered a university.

I am working now on my own. I get up very early to provide customer support and technical computer support for some businesses during the day. I also repair computers at home. In the evenings, I attend school. Classes last until 11 p.m. I catch a taxi and get home between midnight and 12:30 a.m. I eat something, review my schoolwork and eventually go to bed.

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