A reporter's thoughts on the media's coverage of the Book of Mormon

Thanks to the Associated Press, there was reasonably wide coverage of the fact that the Book of Mormon reached the milestone of 150 million copies printed. That is a milestone worth acknowledging, and I am grateful for the coverage.

Of course, another way of looking at it is that means we only have some 6 billion more copies to get in the hands of a world that desperately needs this remarkable book.

Over the years I have spent some time informally looking at the coverage of the Book of Mormon in the nation’s press, and I have concluded that the nation’s press needs to do a better job of teaching what the Book of Mormon actually says.

On the positive side, my observations about this coverage include the fact that the Book of Mormon is quietly growing in the frequency of coverage, though mentions of the Book of Mormon still seem to lag in coverage of the old Mormon stereotypes.

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