A sensitive question on miscarried babies

Dear MMB,

I just have a question and wanted to know your thoughts. I have had two miscarriages, each a few years ago. One of them was at 6 weeks and the other about 8 weeks. Will these babies go directly to the Celestial kingdom and will I get to raise them in the millennium?

a hopeful mother

Dear Hopeful,

Based on personal experience, all of us at MMB know that this subject is tender and sensitive. To some extent it is better suited for soft voices in a private setting, instead of the fairly impersonal, public format of a blog . But, we have to use the resources at hand. Please know that each of our hearts go out to you. We sincerely hope that this information is helpful and provides hope.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a definitive, clear-cut answer about miscarriages. Most of the information we found was specifically about either stillborn children, or babies who die in infancy. The difficulty with this question is that the answer ultimately depends on when a spirit enters a body once and for all, and this has never been authoritatively established.

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