A summer reading list for the thoughtful Mormon reader

I've always remembered a well-intentioned Sunday school teacher telling us about the day she triumphed over intellectualism on her mission.

She had an investigator who was having trouble reconciling some of the gospel teachings she had heard from the missionaries with the ideas and philosophies she had learned in school.

Now, from my experience as a Mormon missionary, I have found that virtually every philosophy presented by the world contains at least some truth and can be related to the gospel. This sister, however, decided it would be her job to completely erase everything the investigator had learned from her professors and then replace it with the missionary lessons.

The climax of her story came when she finally convinced the woman that secular teachings were derived from the adversary, and that all the truth she needed, she could find in the church.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the first time I had heard members of the church denounce intellectualism as some sort of nasty virus that infects us and then eats away at our faith.

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