A take on the atheism debate

At the end of the Golden Globe Awards last week, host Ricky Gervais thanked various people for helping complete the program successfully, and he then concluded by thanking God for “making me an atheist.”

Gervais, the creator of the British television show, “The Office” and a creator of its American spin-off, has been in the news lately for his public atheism.

The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog ran an essay from Gervais before Christmas wherein he discussed his atheism, a blog that generated significant comment and discussion there.

Gervais says there is no “scientific evidence” for God. He also suggests that science “doesn’t hold onto medieval traditions because they are tradition.”

Gervais joins a growing list of people making their atheism known publicly. There is the renowned Oxford scientist Richard Dawkins who wrote of “The God Delusion,” as he called it. There is the glib, well-spoken intellectual Christopher Hitchens who made hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, by printing his tome, “God is not Great.”

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