ABC News: Mormons Present New Face in Ad Campaign

The Mormon church has launched a new television ad campaign in an attempt to dispel what it says is the myth that all Mormons are alike.

The ads feature a diverse group of men and women talking about their values and their passions: motorcycles, surfing, skateboarding and families.

"I believe the best dinner conversations are with those who don't agree with you," says sculptor and Mormon Jeff Decker in one ad. "I believe in having friends that pray to a different God. I think they should be able to worship to the dictates of their hearts and I hope they respect my right to do the same."

Other ads include Alex, a black musician in an interracial marriage; Emily a working mother of three; and Cassandra, a mother and artist who says she doesn't believe a woman's place is in the kitchen. Her husband, she says is the better cook in the family.

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