Activity Days: Manners and Internet Safety

Today we taught the girls about manners (home, table, public and phone) as well as Internet safety.

Since there was so much to talk about I made an outline for me and the other leader to follow. Here's the rundown:

We set the table with plates, cups, napkins and forks (you could do spoons and knives too, but it wasn't necessary for us) and had each girl sit down. We then served them each a piece of cake. We asked them what they should do with their napkins and then taught them how to properly use it. While they were eating cake we played a little game. In a bowl we had questions and scenarios. The girls each chose one slip of paper out of the bowl and then had to either answer the true or false question or act out the scenario using good manners. We also discussed the section about using good manners at home, other than table manners.

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