Adorable Video: Primary Kids Sing for Missionary in Brussels Attack

Elder Richard Norby, a 66-year-old senior missionary, was with three other missionaries at the Brussels airport when two suicide bombs left his body lacerated, burned, bleeding, and broken in several places.

According to Elder Empey's familyhis left fibula was broken in three places, he had a broken heel, shrapnel wounds, and second-degree burns on his hands and face.

Belgium doctors placed Elder Norby in a medically induced coma to help his body recover from his injuries and surgeries after the explosion.

He awoke from his coma the day before Easter, allowing him to be with his family to celebrate the hope and love embodied in our Savior's Atonement and Resurrection.

But another sweet surprise greeted the Norby's this Easter Sunday: a Primary group featuring some of Elder Norby's grandchildren put together this touching video full of Primary songs and messages of love.

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