Afraid of Flying?

Fun For Less Tours is owned by the Tyndall Family. As a family they have traveled over 50,000,000 miles by air. They are constantly asked if they are not tempting fate by continuing to board another airplane. For most, the fear of flying seems to be only natural. Even the heartiest may feel a little nervous as the plane reaches the end of the runway and lifts off. But there is a huge difference between the fear of flying, and the actual risks associated with flying . . .

How Safe is flying really? When you look at the hard numbers, the safety of flying is very impressive. On average, air traffic controllers in the United States handle 64 million takeoffs and landings a year. On any given day, more than 87,000 flights are in the U.S. skies. Considering the large number of flights per day, there have only been a small number of commercial airline crashes since 1982.

According to the website, which compiles information from OAG Aviation Solutions, the NTSB and other airline and data sources, the chance of being killed on a flight is about 8,000,000 to 1. Another way to look at it is . . . if a passenger were to board a random flight once a day, statistically it would take 21,000 years before he or she were killed in a plane crash.

The truth is, the most dangerous part of flying is your drive to the airport. According to the National Safety Council, you're more likely to die as a pedestrian, on a motorcycle, in a car, on a bus, riding an animal or animal-drawn vehicle, on a train, a streetcar or a watercraft. Flying is in fact, the safest mode of travel everywhere in the world! Many have had a friend, neighbor or relative lose a loved one in an automobile accident. On the other hand, very few have had a friend, neighbor or relative lose a loved one because of commercial airline crash.

Don't let the fear of flying stop you from seeing the world. You need to be more worried about driving to the grocery store than flying to China.

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